Our Powerful Disinfectant/Sanitizer is EPA Registered Hospital disinfectant cleaner, food surface sanitizer, mold killer, and heavy duty odor eliminator.  Our product is NSF certified D2 (No Rinse Required) as a food contact surface sanitizer, and kills 99.999% of bacteria, including E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and viruses in less than 60 seconds.

Our Powerful Antimicrobial is an EPA Registered non-toxic Antimicrobial shield that forms a long-lasting covalent bond, also called a (molecular bond) to porous and non-porous surfaces. This bond lasts up to (90) days or longer, with it’s long charged carbon chain, it kills the germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and neutralizes odors 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The active ingredients in our application forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer, which chemically bonds to the treated surface. You could think of it as a layer of “electrically charged swords”. When a microorganism meets the treated surface, the quaternary amine sword punctures the cell membrane and the electrical charge shocks the cell for clean “Microbial Kill”.  Since nothing is transferred to the now dead cell, the antimicrobial doesn’t lose strength and the sword is ready for the next germ or mold to make contact with it.

Yes, Germ Shield Pro is not a cleaning service, we work hand to hand with your cleaning regiment. Leave the cleaning to your cleaning service, and the disinfection to GSP.  For our antimicrobial to continue its effectiveness, normal cleaning of treated surfaces is necessary. Dirt, paint and dead microbes’ buildup, etc. can cover our application, as a result prohibiting antimicrobial from doing its job effectively. Now you will have protection against pathogens and odors 24/7, with out any afford, labor, cost or time. No need to continuously disinfect any longer.

Yes.  Not only will our antimicrobial protection continuously fight the growth of micro-organisms that can cause stains, odors and product degradation.  It also produces a protective non-toxic surface coating will make it easier to clean and keep surfaces fresher and odor free between cleanings.

Our product’s technology has undergone extensive independent laboratory testing and has a long history of safe use.  It is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for all applications in which it is used, as well as  is National Sanitation Foundation Certified Safe for Food Contact as well as meets OSHA standards

Yes. GPS’s treatment application protection begins to work as soon as the microorganism encounters the surface, can be porous or non-porous surfaces.  It then works continuously 24/7 to maintain an antimicrobial protective pathogen killing shield.

1) Once most disinfectants are sprayed, they do kill germs, bacteria and some viruses but only when left wet & undisturbed for up to 4-10 minutes. (This is called dwell time).  Once disinfectant is dry, it will no longer kill any pathogens. This leaves surface cross-contamination to continue.
2) Human error in application. Very rarely are dwell time directions followed.  Think about it, just about every time when individuals spray disinfectants on surfaces, they almost always immediately wipe it off.  Remember, most disinfectants need 4-10 mins. to work.
3) Most disinfectants leave behind chemical smells, dangerous toxins, VOCs in the air
4) Disinfecting if done correctly, would need to be applied multiple times a day… and left wet undisturbed, till it dries approx. 4-10 mins. in order to be effective.  All touch points need to be sprayed as well.  All the above is simply not possible.

Once our products are professionally E-sprayed on surfaces, it will not wash off.  Our Antimicrobial  protection is engineered to provide continuous antimicrobial surface protection for up to ninety (90) days or even greater.

Extensive testing and a long use history have shown our disinfectant and antimicrobial  surface protection to be EPA safe and non-toxic. While it is impossible to say that no one will ever experience an allergic reaction to anything, it is highly unlikely a negative experience would be observed.

No. Since this is a mechanical action there is no opportunity for cell adaptation or mutation.

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