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Disinfecting Service for high traffic Businesses, Offices, and Stores

We use Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner, the lowest toxicity category, disinfectant cleaner is EPA Registered & NSF-registered certified D2 safe (no rinse required) on food-contact surfaces

The hospitality industry has such a high turnover of guests and visitors in and out. Unfortunately, this also brings constant contamination of viruses, bacteria, and other germs. Despite the best disinfecting service efforts & intentions by management and housekeeping to keep their facility safe by cleaning multi times during the day, its simply not enough, due to surface cross-contamination.

Germ Shield Professional’s quarterly disinfecting service combats surface cross-contamination. Our services will protect your guests and staff, as well as lower your staff’s sick days and the costs that are associated with them.  Protect your reputation, image, and bottom line by keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Proudly display your “Management Cares, Certified Germ-Free Facility Certificate”  We will provide FREE marketing materials such as Certified Germ-Free room door hangers, signage inside your rooms, as well as throughout your property.  This program will display a higher commitment, image and sets your property apart from the competition, as well as increases the value of your nightly room rates!

A MAJOR PROBLEM is that traditional cleaning and disinfectant products are only effective for a few minutes. These products are required to sit WET for at least 5 to 10 minutes, in order to kill ANY bacteria. Once the disinfectant DRIES, it is no longer effective in killing the next harmful pathogen that it encounters.

Disinfecting Service
Disinfecting Service
Disinfecting Service
Disinfecting Service
Disinfecting Service

Check in Desks
Furnishings/ Mattresses
Outdoor Surfaces
Conference Rooms

Hotel Rooms & Lobbies
Dining Rooms

Phones / Remotes
Door Handles

Germ Shield Professionals have a revolutionary solution

Advanced Antimicrobial Treatment Coating is professionally Electro.-sprayed, by our technicians with our 2 step process.

Step 1 Disinfectant 

Step 2 Antimicrobial  Coating 

  Disinfectant used is Registered as a Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner. NSF-registered certified D2 safe (“no rinse required) on food-contact surfaces” sanitizer.  It Kills 99.999%  Germs, Bacteria, Viruses.  Including:  H1N1; MRSA; Norovirus; HIV; Legionella; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Hepatitis A, B, C; Ebola virus; E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria. Combat COVD-19 kills 99.9% of SARS-COV-2  (The virus that causes the disease COVID-19)  It also destroys Fungi, Mold, and its a heavy-duty odor eliminator.

Treatments are used on porous & non-porous areas, including Counters, Floors, Carpets, Desks, Draperies, Phones, Keyboards, Walls, Bathrooms, Door Handles & Hard to Access Areas

Disinfectant used is proven to kill a wide range of viruses and bacteria, won’t contribute to the formation of mutating “super bugs,” and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Cost-effective, antimicrobial E-Sprayed treatment is just pennies per square ft. We offer at no obligation, FREE estimates, consultation & demos.  Find out how our treatment pays for itself
Our disinfection / antimicrobial service technicians utilize our Professional Electro.-Sprayer system which admits a positive charge to our formula, this allows a full 360° area of exposure to cover surfaces with application
Antimicrobial adds an extra layer of surface protection once our coating is professionally applied.  Porous and non-porous surfaces may be easier to clean, maintain and should provide a fresher smell since bacteria is now eliminated

Germ Shield Pro offers disinfection/anti-microbial and air purification systems

Our trained specialist will visit your location, then identify all areas that require our service
We will schedule our certified technician to E-spray our antimicrobial surface treatment coating
Reschedule our technicians once every 3 months for re-treatment of all surfaces
Our application goes hand in hand with your current cleaning regimen. “Leave the cleaning to your cleaning staff, and your disinfection and sanitizing to the Germ Shield Professionals”
FREE marketing materials are provided by GPS to notify your staff, customers & clients that your business is a “CERTIFIED GERM FREE, SAFE LOCATION” This will enhance your Image, Reputation, Advertising, and at the same time set you apart from the Competition!



Germ Shield Pro does not stop at complete surface protection; we also deliver 99.97%  Air Purifier systems constructed with HEPA-13 & UV-C ultraviolet 254nm light. 


Contact us for a FREE estimate or to schedule your service 516-506-0625

No Contracts, Satisfaction Guaranteed, We Earn Your Business

Our Facility is not only Clean, but it's also Micro Clean!

GPS provides FREE Marketing Materials to notify your Staff, Customers, Clients and Guests that your business is


This will Enhance your Image, Reputation, Advertising, and at the same time, will set you apart from the Competition!

Germ Shield Pro follows CDC Disinfecting guidelines and protocols.

Disinfectant used is on the EPA N list for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

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